Fotos do Lançamento de Entre Irmãs

Eu nunca pensei que um dia meu livro seria um filme. Mas fico muito contente que minha obra possa inspirar outras obras. É o elogio mais sincero que podemos receber. Estou compartilhando algumas fotos da semana muito especial que passei no Rio, Recife e São Paulo para a estréia do filme e o novo lançamento do livro.

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For the past few months, photographer Elaine Melko and I have collaborated on a project we're finally ready to share. Project Heirloom profiles American families through pictures and interviews. We document each family's journey and their ideas of what it means to be American. We ask them to bring objects that have been passed down in their families through generations, and photograph their children holding or wearing these objects. Then we interview each family, asking the same 5 questions. We are so excited to profile these amazing families and hope their portraits and stories bring beauty and hope to many. Please share widely. We will post our first family's story this Friday on the Project Heirloom website:
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