Book Page gives "The Air You Breathe" a *starred* review for Book Clubs!

Need a July read for a Book Club? BookPage featured "The Air You Breathe" (now in paperback!) as a starred book club pick. Message me and I'll try to Skype/Facetime with your book club. It's fun and I love talking to readers. With this book in particular, people have VERY strong feelings about the characters, which makes for a great book club discussion about female characters and our expectations of them.

Looking for a Summer Read?

Thanks to Washington Post & author Taylor Jenkins Reid, ("The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo" and "Daisy Jones & The Six"): "This summer...I’m also looking forward to “The Air You Breathe,” by Frances de Pontes Peebles, which came out last year. I’ve heard it compared to Elena Ferrante..."

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For Italian Readers: Come l’aria che respiri

Dai quartieri più difficili di Rio a Hollywood, vite legate indissolubilmente nel nome della musica. Le racconta la brasiliana Frances De Pontes Peebles in “Come l’aria che respiri”, immergendo il lettore in atmosfere affascinanti
«Se la mia vita si potesse ascoltare, se potessi suonarla su un giradischi come un LP consumato, sarebbe una samba. Non il samba chiassoso che si suona a carnevale. Non una di quelle stupide marchinhas, insipide ed effimere come bolle di sapone. E neanche la variante romantica e sommessa. No, il mio sarebbe un samba de roda, quello che suonavamo in cerchio dopo il lavoro e un paio di drink belli forti». A parlare è l’anziana Dor, la voce narrante del nuovo romanzo di Frances De Pontes Peebles, Come l’aria che respiri (519 pagine, 17 euro), pubblicato dalla casa editrice Dea Planeta e tradotto da Francesca Mastruzzo.

Opening up on "Latina to Latina"

This podcast got very personal. It's scary for me to share it. But also important because we are all vulnerable, fallible humans who struggle and need help. I certainly did. The great Alicia Menendez is such a smart, empathic interviewer that it was impossible for me NOT to open up. (And to admit my reverence for and envy of the great writer and friend, Deanna Fei.) Thanks for listening, and thanks to Latina to Latina for creating such a great series.

NPR calls THE AIR YOU BREATHE "A Glorious, Glittery Saga..."

So excited to share this review just in from NPR! Reviewer Lily Meyer declares that the “historical epic” is a “glorious, glittery saga of friendship and loss” and admits that it may have ousted her former favorite beach read from its top spot, as it offers “murder, extortion, Hollywood glamor, the entire story of samba, and, of course, sexual longing and an exceptional cast of characters.” She agrees with previous critics, noting the plot’s “total interconnectedness, the likes of which I last found in Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend.”

She has a complaint, and I understand where she is coming from, saying how “the writing, often perfect, can get a bit too glittery,” maybe even corny at times. But what I love about this criticism is that she understands that, ultimately, this stems from the narrator’s sincerity and her deep vulnerability. (And my own flaw as a writer, too, but I’m working to be better. Always striving to be a better writer, and critiques like this help me.) 

The reviewer concludes: “who wants to read a restrained novel about a fictional Carmen Miranda? For what possible reason would somebody write a spare, symbolic tale about a woman who wears neck-grazing rhinestone earrings shaped like planes? I wouldn't read that book. I read The Air You Breathe in two nights. (One might say I inhaled it.) Not only does it suit the novel to be corny, its corniness makes it complete…More novels should be sincere. More novels should risk too-big claims, or take one plot turn too many. The Air You Breathe is genuinely exciting to watch.” She concludes that the novel is her “new gold standard now.”