"The Air You Breathe" in BUSTLE!

 Bustle included THE AIR YOU BREATHE in their round-up of “13 New Historical Fiction Books To Read If You Want To Escape 2018 For A Little While” (because who doesn’t?!) with a lovely summary: 

“Skinny, nine-year-old orphaned Dores is working in the kitchen of a sugar plantation in 1930s Brazil when in walks a girl who changes everything. Graça, the spoiled daughter of a wealthy sugar baron, and Dores quickly bond over their love of music. Their passion will become the source of their friendship and their rivalry, and for each, the only way out of the life to which each was born. But only one is destined to be a star.”

"Entre Irmãs" screening at UCLA

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 7 PM, the film version of THE SEAMSTRESS will be screened at UCLA, with English subtitles! This is the film's US premiere, and I'm so happy that the Center for Brazilian Studies at UCLA is supporting the film and making it available to US audiences. I'll be at the screening and there will be a Q & A before the film. I would LOVE to see you there! RSVP and get your tickets here

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The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights


I'm very proud to announce that I will be on the governing board of the Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights. The Young Center is a champion for the best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children who arrive in the United States on their own, from all corners of the world. The Young Center serves as a trusted ally to these children by accompanying them through court proceedings and training volunteers to visit them in detention centers, acting as advocates for the children. They work in the best interests of the child, whatever those individual best interests may be, to keep them safe. Learn more about The Young Center here: https://www.theyoungcenter.org

Let me invade your inbox

I've decided to share longer, more personal letters with friends and readers over email. These letters will be about writing, books, motherhood, Brazil, coffee, farming, travel, literature, criticism, music, failure (usually my own), my incredibly low tolerance for alcohol these days (I can't drive after consuming half a glass of Kombucha), and whatever else I'm up to. I promise I won't inundate you with emails; just a few a year. Sign up below, or click this link.  

Gostaria de receber emails sobre literatura, família, café, musica, Brasil, Chicago, e outros pensamentos que tenho? Por favor acesse o link para se inscrever. (A maioria dos emails serão em inglês mas vou tentar alguns em português também!) Abraços

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"Entre Irmãs" mini-series begins January 2! A minissérie estreia dia 2 de Janeiro na Rede Globo!

Que presente de Natal maravilhoso! Dia 2 de janeiro, estreia na Rede Globo, a minissérie “Entre Irmãs” dirigido por Breno Silveira e roteiro de Patricia Andrade, baseado no meu livro, “Entre Irmãs.” On January 2 the miniseries “Entre Irmãs” premieres in Brazil on Rede Globo TV, based on my book, “The Seamstress.” I’m so excited for audiences to enjoy the series! If you are in Brazil, tune in or watch with Globo Play.